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Are you lookng for a unique and breathtaking tattoo experience in Valencia? Look no further! Our skilled tattoo artists are here to assist you in creating a one-of-a-kind design that you’ll cherish for years to come. Whether you prefer traditional or modern styles, we’ve got you covered.

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 La Piratería is like our second home (we’ve dedicated a lot of time and effort to every detail to make it so!) and our team is a family. That’s why our aim is to make you feel as comfortable as possible in a creative, safe, and clean environment throughout the entire process of getting your new tattoo or piercing. As a studio, our primary objective is to maintain our quality standards to provide the best service and ensure that you’re always satisfied with the results.

Tattoo Styles

Our team of professionals boasts over fifteen years of experience, with specialized tattoo artists skilled in a wide range of styles. They have participated in international conventions and work diligently with the finest design processes and tattoo techniques. Whether you’re interested in color tattoos, freehand technique, realistic tattoos, ornamental and baroque tattoos, newschool tattoos, neotraditional tattoos, minimalist tattoos, or Japanese tattoos, just share your idea with us. We’re sure to have the perfect tattoo artist to bring it to life!



It results from combining geometric motifs or patterns with other styles, usually represented in black ink. .

TATTOO Neotradicional


Tattoos featuring thick, medium, and fine lines, with illustrations defined by these lines. They are accompanied by a clean and delicate treatment of color.



This style focuses on the most faithful representation of photographic images, aiming for realism



Tattoos based on cartoon-style designs, featuring fun elements with vibrant colors as the main focus.



A style characterized by representing Asian elements, often centered around the art of Japan and China.


In this style, pure black ink is used. Gradients are achieved by dragging the black ink to obtain different tones that contrast with your skin tone.



Tattoos with thick lines, applying synthetic but solid gradients and colors. They showcase classic and iconic tattoo motifs.



Simple and elegant tattoos using fine lines and, in some cases, subtle gradients that discreetly blend into your skin.

Our Tattoo Team

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We also love to stay in touch with you even after your tattoo is complete,  any questions you may have during the healing process and, of course, for you to return to our studio with new projects. We are not just specialists in tattooing, but in providing an experience where you feel like part of the team. Feel free to visit us anytime!

Piercing in Valencia

If you’re looking for a piercing, we also offer professional services, including an extensive jewelry catalog and personalized guidance on the healing and scarification process of your new piercing. We perform a wide variety of piercings: helix, tragus, navel piercing, tongue piercing, nostril, septum, earlobe, industrial piercing, and more, always using the best materials and implant-grade titanium jewelry that is entirely biocompatible. Our piercer has extensive experience to advise you on the best options based on your anatomy and the steps you need to follow for proper healing. We maintain regular contact with our clients after performing the piercing through weekly check-ups. So don’t hesitate to come to the studio for any questions that may arise. And nothing makes us happier than when you return with your piercing completely healed!

Our Work

We invite you to take a look at our portfolio, get in touch with us, and, of course, visit our studio for an in-depth discussion about your project. Let yourself be guided by the best team of tattoo artists in Valencia, specializing in ornamental, neotraditional, realistic, and newschool styles. We’ll create something that you’ll be proud to carry for a lifetime!

We await you on our ship for your next tattoo or piercing!

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